Members of Momentrail

Nicholas Ng Chun Ming

From a small town in Klang, I have been into photography since my younger days. I started my journey into photography in the year 2011 and since then enjoyed capturing memorable photos. 

My main objective is to capture all the interesting and memorable things that happen in my life. I enjoyed photographing female portraiture especially. I believe that every photo is able to bring out the beauty of each female individual. To me the beauty of a female is very unique and I would love to immortalize their beauty by photographing them so that it could last forever. I also like taking photos during weddings as it is suppose to be a once in a life time happy event which should be eternalize.

My specialty is in portraiture light painting. If you would like to have something special for a portrait of yourself, do drop me a buzz and I’m sure I’ll be able to create something stunning and beautiful for you.

Yang Swan Make Up Artist

Chern Yang Swan

From young I always envy those girls who get to make up and be very pretty.But due to certain conditions I wasn’t able to learn make up and fulfill my dreams.

Finally 1 day I got the chance to learn make up and beautify myself.I’ve fallen in love with it and ever since I wanted to make all the normal girls look pretty in the eyes of other. Since wedding is a person’s most important life moment, I wanted to make it a memory which is worth looking back when they are old and remember that they were beautiful once upon a time. I’m still venturing into other genres of make up such as on stage make up and etc and hope that one day I could be very good in all sorts of make up.