Samsung NX Academy: 1st Challenge

During a day before the Samsung NX Academy 1st challenge, the Resident Judge Mr Patrick Low announced to the top 8 finalist that the 1st challenge would be creative landscape. Hit the jump to find out more what was the real challenge given.

The 1st challenge was held at Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam and I had to reached there at 8.30am. When I reached there the other participants had not arrived so I chit chatted with Mr Patrick Low to get some advice. Finally the time came and we headed out for our 1st challenge. Was I so shocked when I got to know that we will be given a prop during the photoshoot challenge. The challenge was 20 minutes and the prop given was a huge mirror. We are to use the mirror creatively to shoot landscape photos with it. During the draw I got the 2nd place and boy it was a good thing to shoot early.

The  moment I was handed the mirror I started to think of shooting a reflection with it. But what was I going to reflect in the mirror? I scouted the area for like 1 minute and decided not to venture too far as the time given to us (20 minutes) was to go and come back the check point. I know my stamina wasn’t that good due to my health condition thus I did not take the risk. Without venturing far into the shooting spot, I could not find anything interesting except for 1 tall and big tower house. I tried to frame the whole tower house into the mirror but it was too big. Finally I only managed to frame part of it and also shoot part of the mirror only. Below are my shots during the challenge.

Mirror & Creative Landscape 1


Mirror & Creative Landscape 2


Mirror & Creative Landscape 3

Photo submitted


After the challenge, I almost fainted as the sun light was too strong shinning on me. I was actually quite sensitive to sunlight due to my health condition and luckily I did not passed out. The good thing about going in 2nd to shoot is that I finished earlier and got more time to rest. After resting only I did my interview about the shooting process. After all the 8 finalist took their shot, we were told to go to the production studio for the post processing. At there we were given another 25 minutes to complete our post processing. During the post processing period, I thought my photo would look better in black and white, thus I convert it into black and white. I saw some texture and lines in my photos that would make a good black and white photo.

When it was judging time, Yusuf Hashim who is 1 of the guest judge gave some comments about my photo. First of all, he did not like that I only took part of the mirror frame in the photo as it does not add value to it. Second and the most important part is that one does not simply convert a photo black and white just based on feelings. A photographer should shoot the photo black and white pre-visualized in his mind. Black and white photos is about shapes, forms and tonality. My photo does not have all those important factors to make it a great black and white photo. At the end I did not win the challenge but I did managed to shoot something which I shoot very seldom, landscape photographs. Below is the 2nd episode of the challenge. Do enjoy it


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