Samsung NX Academy: 2nd Challenge

The 2nd challenge given to our photographer, Nicholas Ng was creative portraiture. Hit the jump to see how he conquered this challenge.

The theme of the 2nd challenge was actually creative portraiture. Portraiture has always been my strongest field in photography. On the challenge day, we were offered another lens which is the 50-200mm lens and is suitable for portraiture as it does not distort the person in the photo. There were 2 sets being offered during the challenge; set A which involves a lot of technical part and set B involves a lot of creativity. Based on my own experience I’m sure I can handle the technical aspects well and thus I’ve chosen set A as my challenge. The winner for the 1st challenge get to pick the model and I was glad he chose set A too and managed to get an experience model as compared to set B.

In set A I was given 25 minutes to complete it which includes dressing the model up, setting up the lights, pose the model and capture the best photo. When I saw the model was wearing something black as the top, I immediately wanted to ensure her bottom outfit would look colorful to have a little contrast and thus I chose a pink dress for her. As for accessories, I did not make her wore too much accessories as I was afraid that the accessories would reflect too much light and would turn into a patch of white light based on my past experience. The moment I went into set A I was relieved its a studio setup which I was already very familiar with. I was given 3 lights; 2 with a softbox on a light stand and another on a boom with soft box. I saw the model’s face has very nice cheekbone and I decided to go with a butterfly lighting. Since the background given was black in color, I need to separate the model’s outfit from blending into the background thus I used 1 of the softbox on the light stand as a kicker light on the back left side of the model. Another light was placed on the front right side as a fill light. I used my Sekonic light meter to get the correct lighting ratio quickly so that I would not waste much time setting up the lights. Below are the photos taken during the shoot.


Creative Portraiture 1


Creative Portraiture 2


Creative Portraiture 3


Creative Portraiture 4


Creative Portraiture 5


Photo submitted for judging

Photo submitted for judging


Creative Portraiture 7


Creative Portraiture 8


Creative Portraiture 9


Creative Portraiture 10


At the start of the shoot, I set my white balance as auto and half way through it I’ve changed it to flash white balance. That is why you could see some difference in the skin tone in the above photos. When it was judging time, the judge mentioned that my shot overall was a nice shot and its suitable for a catalog shoot but does not really match the theme creative portraiture. I’ve actually expected it as during that short amount of time, I could not come up with something creative that could wow the person looking at the photo. Overall I’m satisfied with my photos as I really did enjoyed shooting during the entire session. Below is the video for this challenge.

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