Samsung NX Academy: 3rd Challenge

The 3rd challenge for the Samsung NX Academy is about sports. So what sports is Nicholas Ng going to shoot? Hit the jump to find out more.

The 3rd challenge was taken place at S.J.K (C) Yuk Chai where we need to use our Samsung NX30 to capture action photography which is sports. The sports was played by a team of female basketball players and they were good at it. We are to use the NX30 key feature which is the 9 frame per second to capture 4 continuous shots and make a collage with the 4 photos. The 1st tricky part in this challenge is to get 4 shots which shows story in the action photography and it must be continuous. The second challenge was will the camera be fast enough to focus on the subject?

Luckily throughout the whole shoot, although I was just using a kit lense, the camera was able to focus accurately on what I want it to focus. The balance was just up to luck to capture something interesting that could vow the judge. We were given only 20 minutes to complete this round of challenge. This challenge is important because the 2 contestant with the lowest score will be eliminated. Below is the collage photos which I have taken throughout the challenge.


Action Photography 1


Photo which I submitted

Photo which I submitted


It was the 1st time for me to do a collage photos and luckily the other participants were kind enough to teach me the basics and I was able to come up with 1 in the end. I did not show that many photos of what I’ve taken in this blog because a lot of it was a burst shot and the actions does not change much. When it was judging time, I almost got eliminated but luckily I managed to get into the next challenge. I’ve gained some experience throughout this challenge as it was my 1st time shooting sports professionally. 1 of the tips in sports photography is that we always want to capture the front view of the subject and not the rear view. Do watch the video of the challenge below.


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